Does Greenlight Work with Venmo

Does Greenlight work with Venmo?

Wondering about Does Greenlight Work with Venmo? Here is the answer to your query:

No, you cannot use Greenlight with Venmo. There is no way to use Greenlight with Venmo directly, as Greenlight does not accept direct deposits. However, you can use some indirect methods to use Greenlight with Venmo.

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Can You Use Greenlight with Venmo?

  • No, Greenlight cannot work with Venmo directly.
  • Greenlight does not allow any direct deposits from any other income source.
  • However, you can use Greenlight with Venmo via a bank account.
  • First, link the same bank accounts with both Venmo and Greenlight Wallet.
  • Then transfer the amount from the Venmo balance to your bank account.
  • After that, transfer the specific amount from your bank account to your Greenlight Wallet.

Does Greenlight work with Venmo? Why not work?

According to Greenlight’s official web statement, they do not accept any direct deposits from the state or federal government, such as Venmo, PayPal, Apple Cash, state tax refunds, federal tax refunds, child support, or other income sources.

Alternative ways to use Venmo with a Greenlight Card

As we learned, does Greenlight work with Venmo? It won’t. So, to resolve this issue, I will tell you some indirect ways to help you use Greenlight with Venmo. Here you go;

  1. You can link your bank account to your Venmo account.
  2. Then, transfer money from your bank account to your Venmo account.
  3. Now, you just need to link your Greenlight wallet to your bank account and add money to your Greenlight card from your bank account.

Link your bank account to Venmo:

  • Open the Venmo app and click on “Settings.”
  • Choose “Payment Method” under preferences.
  • Click on “Add a bank or card.”
  • Click on “Next” and then on “Continue.”
  • Choose the bank you want to add or search for your bank and tap on “Continue to log in.”
  • Confirm all the security steps and click on ”Continue.”

Link your bank account to the Greenlight Card:

  • Log in to your Greenlight app and click on “Settings.”
  • Click on “Funding Accounts” from the options.
  • Here, you can see all of your linked bank accounts.
  • Check whether your required bank account is linked or not. If it is not linked, then, add it.
  • To support your Greenlight Waller, select the bank account and tap on “Continue.”

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Link your bank account to your Greenlight Wallet:

Follow the steps to add a bank account to your Greenlight Wallet.

  1. Open the Greenlight app and click on “Settings.”
  2. Click on “Funding Accounts” and navigate to the option “Add a Funding Account.”
  3. Click on “Add a bank instantly.”
  4. Now, you can see some of the Greenlight rules, read them carefully, and tap on “Get Started.”
  5. Add your bank details and verify your account through a verification code.

Send money from Venmo to a bank account:

  • Open the Venmo app and click on “Settings.”
  • Choose “Payment Method” under preferences.
  • Click on “Add a bank or card.” Here you can see 2 options:
  1. Bank
  2. Card
  • Choose “Bank” and enter the specific amount you want to transfer to your bank account from your Venmo balance.
  • Choose “Instant” or “1-3 Biz Days” to transfer the money into your bank account.

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Send money from Greenlight to the bank account:

  • Log into your Greenlight app and go to “Parent Dashboard.”
  • If you have more than one Greenlight card, select “Child Tap” to access a specific child’s Greenlight card.
  • Select your specific child, and under their name, tap on “Send Money.”
  • You can also set a spending limit for your child to avoid them wasting money.
  • Lastly. Click on “Move Money.”

How to add Money to your Greenlight Card?

The only method you can use to transfer these funds into your bank account is to contact Greenlight customer care and request that they move money from your parents’ wallet to a linked bank account. Reach out to Greenlight Customer Service by:

  • Call: 888-483-2645
  • Text: 404-974-3024

The other option is to fill out the form to contact their customer care team and enter all the credentials to refund your money into your bank account. However, keep in mind that it takes almost 7 business days for funds to be transferred to the other account.

Which places do not accept Greenlight Cards?

Here are some places that do not accept Greenlight cards:

  1. Online Casino
  2. Dating Websites
  3. Lotteries
  4. Points of Sale Cashback
  5. Gambling
  6. Greyhound or Horse Races
  7. Security Brokers
  8. Massage Spas
  9. Cashback
  10. Non-Sport Internet Gaming
  11. Online Gaming
  12. Escort Services
  13. Wires and Money Orders
  14. Brokering or Investing in Securities

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Why does Greenlight not accept payments from Greenlight Cards?

Teens and kids make purchases by using Greenlight Debit Cards. so, Greenlight does not want any of the children to spend money for any of the illegal activities or purchases. That’s why, they set some limits which help teens and kids to be aware of illegal activities.

Can you use a Greenlight card with other cash apps?

No, there is no way to use the Greenlight card with any of the other cash apps. As I already discussed, you can only use a Greenlight card with other apps or Venmo by linking it with your bank account.

Do children use Greenlight cards with ATMs?

Yes, if a Mastercard logo is on the ATM, then, your child can easily withdraw cash from the ATM. Keep in mind that ATMs also apply a withdrawal fee when you draw money.

Clarity Check!

As kids and teens make purchases by using their Greenlight card, Venmo also allows a teen debit card or teen account for children. So, people get confused and want to know does Greenlight work with Venmo. As I discussed in the above blog, Greenlight does not support Venmo and doesn’t allow any transactions from Venmo directly, but you can use some alternative methods, which are discussed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where can you use your Greenlight Card?

You can use your Greenlight card everywhere. Mastercard is accepted online and for in-store purposes as long as your parents approve it. Moreover, to provide security and privacy, a Greenlight card is not accepted for some transactions, such as money orders or wires.

Q. Can you add your family cash card to your Apple Wallet or Google Pay?

Yes, you can add your family cash card to your Google Pay, Cash App, Apple Wallet, or Venmo. Use it to make contactless purchases or online purchases.

Q. What payment apps work with Greenlight?

Apple Pay, or Google Pay, is currently working with Greenlight. You can add them to your Greenlight debit card to pay your instant bills.

Q. What transactions are not allowed on Greenlight?

Wires or money order transactions do not accept payments through Greenlight Cards.

Q. Can minors use Venmo?

Teen accounts are made on behalf of the child’s parents. They can give access to their child and monitor all of their spending, account balance, payment requests, and other transaction details.

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