Can you set up recurring payments on Venmo

Can you set up recurring payments on Venmo? Complete Guide

“No, Venmo does not allow you to set up recurring payments. If you think that you just set up the payment and that your payments are paid automatically on a specific date, then you are wrong; Venmo does not have this kind of feature.”

For more details regarding whether you can set up recurring payments on Venmo, look at the blog below and explore more about it.

What is a recurring payment?

Recurring payments are a feature offered by payment gateways to help merchants process recurring payments efficiently and without delay. Recurring billing allows merchants to schedule recurring payments (such as monthly or weekly) using the payment information collected from a customer.

Can you set up automatic payments on Venmo?

No, you cannot set up automatic payments on Venmo. Venmo does not allow any type of this feature or charge requests to another Venmo account. You have to send the amount manually every time because the automatic payment feature is not available on Venmo.

Can you schedule payments on Venmo?

Unfortunately, you cannot schedule your payments on Venmo. If you have to pay your house rent or monthly expenses, then you have to enter and pay the amount every 30 days. Venmo does not offer this feature or service either.

Is there any limit fixed for recurring payments on Venmo?

As Venmo does not allow you to set up automatic payments, how can you fix a limit for recurring payments on Venmo? There is no limit for recurring payments on Venmo. Simply enter the specific amount each month and send it to the other person. However, there is also another separate blog on the Venmo limit per day. Read to learn all the Venmo payment limits.

Why can’t you use Venmo to take a loan?

As Venmo does not offer recurring payment options, it also does not offer a loan to its users. Venmo currently does not offer a lot of features to its users. You can also check out a separate blog on taking a loan from Venmo: Can you borrow money from Venmo?

Is there any alternative method for recurring payments on Venmo?

Venmo does not allow and offers you alternative methods for recurring payments on Venmo. As we already discussed, Venmo does not have a recurring payment feature; that’s why there is no other technique or method that helps you set up automatic payments.

Moreover, the alternative method you can use is to set up a reminder on the calendar or use any third-party app that reminds you of the day of your bill payment. You can also install some other apps, such as Venmo, that support recurring bills.

Alternative Apps of venmo for recurring payments

Here are the details of some apps that you can use for recurring payments instead of Venmo:

Tips for secure transactions

Finding out how to set up recurring payments on Venmo is not possible. So, you have to send the amount whenever the time comes. To send the amount securely, you need to know some tips for secure transactions.

  • Double-check the details of the user to whom you want to send the amount.
  • Keep all of your transactions private.
  • Be aware of scams, and don’t click on any suspicious links.
  • Keep your Venmo app updated to resolve errors and use the latest features.

The Future of Recurring Payments on Venmo:

The demand for recurring payments on Venmo is increasing day by day. So, there is a chance that Venmo may add a recurring payment feature to the app. Moreover, the CEO of Venmo has changed, and he is struggling along with the Venmo management team to make Venmo more successful and resolve all the users’ issues.

Clarity Check!

I hope you find the answer to your query. Can you set up recurring payments on Venmo and know all the details about it? Venmo does not let its users set up automatic payments, but in the future, there is a possibility that Venmo will offer its users the recurring payments option. However, until Venmo offers this feature, you can use some alternatives.


Q. Can you set a monthly schedule for sending payments on Venmo?

No, you cannot set a monthly schedule for sending payments on Venmo. Venmo does not have any kind of feature like this.

Q. Can I send an anonymous payment to someone on Venmo?

No, you can’t send an anonymous payment to someone on Venmo.

Q. Does Venmo do card payment plans?

If you want to set up your Venmo credit card payment plans on Venmo, then you have to contact Synchrony Bank at 855-878-6462. 

Q. Can you set up recurring payments on Venmo through a bank account?

No, Venmo does not allow you to set up your payment by using your bank account. The recurring payment option is not in Venmo, and you don’t use any of the techniques for sending your payments automatically.

Q. Does Venmo send you a notification when you receive money on Venmo?

Yes, you can receive a notification from venmo that someone sends you money. Moreover, you can also set where you want to get the notification on text, push, or email. Simply turn on and venmo will send you a notification to that address.

Q. How many days venmo will take to send your payments? 

Venmo will send your payment instantly or in 1-3 biz days. If you want to send the amount instantly, then, venmo will charge some fee but if you choose to send the amount in 1-3 business days, then, venmo does not charge any fee for sending money. 

Q. What details Do I give someone to pay me on venmo?

You can give them a venmo username, email, and phone number that is linked to your venmo account. However, if the person is near you, they can also scan a QR Code to send you the money. 

Q. If the other person receives the payment Venmo notify you or not?

Venmo will notify you through the notification with “Transaction is Successful”. Moreover, if the other person sets their transaction privacy public, you can also check on their profile and see the transaction notification. 

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