How to Share Venmo Link?

How to Share Venmo Link?

Want to share your Venmo profile link but don’t know how to do this? Don’t worry about this, read the below bullets and know the process of sharing your Venmo profile link. 

  • Log in to Venmo and click on the “Me” tab. 
  • Tap on “QR Code” and click on “Venmo Me”. 
  • Click on the “Arrow” icon which points upward. 
  • Copy the Venmo profile URL link and share it wherever you want. 

In the blog below, let’s discuss the complete process of How to Share Venmo Link with your friends or fellows. You also come to know about how you can share Venmo profile links on your social media account.

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How can you share your Venmo Profile Link?

Below, Have a look at the process that will tell you about how you can share your Venmo QR Code Profile link. 

  • Open the Venmo app and click on the “Me” tab or “Profile Icon”.
  • On your profile, click on the QR Code Icon near your profile photo. 
  • Here you can see 3 options; Send Code, Venmo Me, and Show to Pay.
  • Tap on “Venmo Me” and you can see your QR Code. 
  • Under the QR Code, you can see an icon-like arrow going in an upward direction, click on it. 
  • After clicking on it, you can see a link. Copy and send it to your friends or family.
How can you share your Venmo Profile Link?

How can you Create your Venmo Profile Link?

Follow the steps that will help you to create your Venmo profile link. 

  • Log in to your Venmo app. 
  • Click on the “Me” tab or “Profile” icon. 
  • On the upper side, you can see your profile and along with it, you can see your profile name with the @ sign. 
  • Now, you have to copy your Venmo profile Username and type it into this User ID {your-Venmo-profile-username}”. 
  • Remove the @ symbol with your username. 
  • Send this link to your friends or family members through text or email. 
  • Lastly, it looks like this “”. 

What is the other way to share your Venmo profile with your friends?

Add them as a friend to your Venmo profile. Once you add your friends to your Venmo account then there is no need to worry about profile links. Simply select the person from your Venmo friend list and send them money. 

How to add your friend to your Venmo account?

  • Open the Venmo app. 
  • Click on the “Search” bar and type the name of your friend, phone number, or Gmail. 
  • Click on the Username and the profile will open in front of you. 
  • Click on “Add Friend”.

Note: you can also add your friend to your Venmo account by scanning their Venmo profile QR Code. 

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How to Add Venmo Link on TikTok Profile?

Follow the steps and learn about how to share Venmo links on your tik tok profile. 

  • Open the Venmo app and copy your link. 
  • Now, log in to your TikTok account. 
  • On your profile, tap on “Edit Profile”. 
  • Then, click on “Website” under the Bio. 
  • Here, add your Venmo profile URL link and click on “Save”. 
  • Once you save it, go back and check whether your Venmo profile link is shown on your tiktok profile or not. 

How to Add Venmo Link on Instagram Profile?

  • Go to your Venmo profile and copy your profile link. 
  • Log in to your Instagram account.
  • Click on the “Profile” icon in the left-right corner. 
  • Tap on the “Edit Profile”. 
  • Then, choose “Add Link” under the Bio option. 
  • Next, click on “Add External Link”. 
  • After clicking on it, paste your Venmo profile URL link. 
  • You can also add a title such as “My Venmo Profile Link” and click on “Done”.
  • Go back and on your edit profile page, again tap on “Done” to confirm the changes. 
  • Refresh your Instagram account and you can see your Venmo profile is shown in your Instagram bio. 

How to Add Venmo Link on Facebook Profile?

Have a look at the below steps and come to know about how to share Venmo link on your Facebook profile. 

  • Open your Facebook profile. 
  • Under your profile and cover photo, you can see an option “Edit Profile”.
  • Scroll down and you can see the “Links” option in the last. 
  • In front of this option you can see “Add”. click on it. 
  • Next, you can see 2 options; “Social Links” and “Websites”.
  • Choose “Websites” because if you choose social links, it will give you limited options and Venmo is not present in these options. 
  • After choosing websites, paste your Venmo profile URL link and click on “Save”.

How can you check your Venmo profile links by using Deep-App?

Sometimes your profile links might not work properly. When the other person clicks on it. It will not open properly. That’s why before sharing your profile link, you need the right deep-app linking that helps you to open your app easily. Here is how you can check your profile link with deep-app. 

  • Open the URL Genius home and paste your Venmo profile link. 
  • Tap on the “Compose Deep-Link” Button. 
  • You will go to the “Settings” page to get your link. 
  • Copy your link and paste it into your social media account or send it to your friends. 

Note: If the other person does not have a Venmo account, then, this deep-app link enables all the users to get access to your Venmo profile directly. 

Why did you share the Venmo Profile Link?

Here are some details that will tell you about why you share the Venmo profile link with other people. 

Confirm your Details: When you are going to send your Venmo profile link. Confirm the details of the person you want to send the link. Verify the details and enter the correct details. 

Privacy Setting: When you set the privacy setting for your Venmo account. It will also help you to keep your transactions safe and secure. 

Fraud Prevention: There is no chance of fraud as you contact the right person through the link. So, you can prevent fraud and your transactions are safe.

Add a Note: While sending the Venmo profile link, you can also add a short note or message with it. When you add a note, this will clear the other person about the reason for sending the Venmo link. 

Clear Communication: When you share your Venmo profile links, you can communicate directly with the person and have a clear conversation. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How do I give someone my Venmo information?

You can share your Venmo username, ID, Phone number, or Gmail which is linked to your Venmo account. You can also send them your Venmo profile link or QR Code. Keep in mind that, don’t share your Venmo account details such as password or login information. 

Q. Can I share my Venmo username?

Yes, you can share your Venmo username with anyone. But avoid sharing your Venmo username with people you don’t know. Sharing a Venmo username with an unknown user could be a reason for any scams. 

Q. Can you share a Venmo account?

No, you cannot share your Venmo account with the second person. Only one person can handle one Venmo account details or information. 

Q. Does Venmo have a link for payment?

By using someone’s profile link, you can get access to their profile. When you open their profile, simply follow the procedure and send them money. 

Did you get your Answer?

Like many other apps, Venmo also offers its users to share their Venmo profile link with anyone for safe and secure transactions. But everyone knows about the process regarding how to share Venmo links. Well, this is not as difficult as you think. Share your Venmo link by following the above process.

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