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How to Create Venmo Account? Types, Requirements & Process

Venmo is an online mobile payment app that allows its users to send and receive money with just a few clicks on their mobile devices. Venmo offers 3 types of accounts that you can create but you have to meet specific needs and requirements according to the account. A very easy guide of Account setup and Signing in venmo account process is provided below.

>> Meet Following Requirements for creating Venmo Account >> Download the App >> Complete Sign Up process as Business, Personal or Teen Account according to your need >> Follow the process for Specific Account

Let’s dive and continue to read with us, as we are going to cover all about venmo account from creating to verifying your identity and addressing the issues that cause the account freeze. 

Quick Overview

Topic Venmo  Account Creation
Types of Accounts Personal Account, Business Account, Teen Account
Requirements Phone Number, Gmail, Venmo App, Apple iOS 13 or Android Lollipop (API 21)
Advantages Send and Receive Money, Easy to Use, Earn Reward
Rating Play Store: 4.2, App Store: 4.9
Country United States

Read the Requirements Before Creating Venmo Account

Creating a venmo account needs some requirements. Read the requirements to create an account on venmo.

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. 
  • Check that you are using the latest version of the Venmo app.
  • Ensure that your device’s operating system is updated (Apple iOS 13 or Android Lollipop (API 21).
  • You have enough space in your device to download the app. 
  • You must be 18+ to create a venmo business or personal account. 
  • You must be in US physically and using the cell phone number must be register. Also, This phone number can only be use for 1 venmo account. So, keep your cell phone with registered number to send and receive official sms or call.

How to Create a Venmo Account?

Follow the steps to create an account on Venmo. 

  • Download the Venmo App and click on it. 
  • Choose the Account you want to create and click on “Sign Up”. 
  • Enter your “Phone Number” and Verify your account. 
  • Provide all the necessary information and agree to the terms and conditions, click  on “Next” and then on “Agree”. 
  • Sync your phone contacts or Facebook Contacts. You can also Skip it. 
  • To set your profile to private, go to the “Setting -> Privacy” option. 
  • To add your bank account, go to “Setting -> Payment Method ->Add a bank or card”. 
  • Select “Bank” and choose “Instant or Manual”. 
  • Select your bank account, use Plaid to verify your bank, and enter your bank details.
  • Follow the instructions for account verification. 
  • Your bank account is required to receive money on Venmo. 

How to set up Venmo account 

Below, have a look at the process to create a Venmo Profile. 

Download the Venmo App:

  • First, you need to download the venmo app into your device. 
  • Go to the Play Store to download the app for Android. 
  • Go to the App Store to download the app for iPhone. 

Log in to Venmo App:

After downloading the Venmo app, click on it. 

Here you can see two options;

  1. Personal Account
  2. Business Account

Choose one and click on “Sign Up”.

Verify your Account:

  • Enter your phone and click on “Send Code”.
  • wait for a while and Venmo will send you a code to your phone number. 
  • Enter the code and click on “Submit Code”.

Enter your Details:

  • After that, you have to enter your details such as Legal first name, legal last name, Username, Email, Password, etc. 
  • Agree that you are 18 and click on “Next”.
  • Then, you have to agree to Venmo’s user agreement and privacy policy. Click on “Agree”.

Sync Your Contacts (Optional):

  • Next, you have to sync your contacts. 
  • Click on “Sync Phone Contacts or Sync Facebook Contacts”.
  • If you don’t want to sync, click on “Skip for Now”.
  • Next, venmo will set your privacy setting to Public by default. Change it if you don’t want to make your transactions public. Tap on “Done” in the upper right corner. 
  • Your Venmo profile has been created. Enjoy your transactions!
creating venmo account

How to connect your bank account with venmo?

In the below, read out the process that will help you to connect your bank account. 

  • Log in to your Venmo account and click on the “Me” tab or “Profile” Icon. 
  • In the upper right corner, tap on “Settings”. 
  • Choose “Payment Method” under the preferences. 
  • Next, click on “Add a bank or card” and tap on “Bank”.
  • Next, from the options, choose “Instant Verification” or “Manual Verification” and click on “Continue”.
  • Next, you can see an instruction Venmo uses Plaid to connect your account, tap on “Continue”.
  • Choose the bank from the option. If your bank is not showing in the options. 
  • Go to the Search bar and search your bank.
  • After searching your bank account, enter your credentials, and click on “Submit”. 
  • Here, it will ask you to verify your identity, choose the option you want, and tap on “Continue”. 
  • Enter your verification code and click on “Submit”.
  • Select your primary account in your bank and click on “Continue”.
  • Here you go, your account is successfully linked to Venmo. Simply, tap on “Continue”.

How to sync venmo?

Below, have a look at the process to sync your phone contacts or Facebook contacts at Venmo. 

  • Open the venmo app and click on the ”Me” tab or “Profile” Icon. 
  • In the upper right corner, tap on “Settings”. 
  • Choose “Friends & Social” under the preferences. 
  • To sync your Phone contact or Facebook contact, toggle the switch next to the option. 
  • Once you toggle on the options, any contact or Facebook friend you add will automatically be added to your venmo friend list. 

Types of Venmo account?

Venmo create account is very easy and pretty simple. Just follow the simple guidelines to create an account on Venmo. 

  • Download the venmo app and click on it to open the app. 
  • On the welcome screen, click on “Sign Up”. (Check Sign up process)
  • Here, you can see the 3 options:
  1. Personal Account
  2. Business Account
  3. Teen Account

Here we are going to tell you about a breif creating these accounts. 

Venmo Accounts

Personal Account:

Follow the steps to create a personal account:

  • Open the app and click on Sign up.
  • Now, select the personal account option and enter all the required details. 
  • On your phone number a verification code is sent, enter the code to verify. 
  • Your account has been successfully created. 

Business Account:

Follow the guidelines to create a business account:

  • Open the app and click on sign up. 
  • Next, choose the business, and to create a business profile enter all the details about your business. 
  • Lastly, click on “Publish” and your business profile is created. 

Teen Account:

Let’s have a look at the steps to create a Venmo Teen account:

  • Open the app and click on Teen account. 
  • Enter all of the required details to create an account.
  • After that, click on “Done” and your teen account is created.

How to create venmo account without phone number?

There is no way to create an account on venmo without a phone. Venmo needs a phone number to sign up or create an account. The privacy and policy of venmo need your phone number to verify the account.

How to Delete Venmo Account?

You might not want to use your venmo account anymore or want to know about venmo delete account. Follow the steps that help you to download your account from venmo. 

  • Open the venmo app and log in to your device. 
  • Go to the settings and select “Close my Venmo Account”.
  • A pop-up will appear in front of you. Click on “Next”.
  • Then, confirm that you want to delete your account by clicking on “Close Account”.

Note: Before deleting the account transfer your remaining amount to another account. 

How to Verify Venmo Account?

To know about venmo verify account, you need to follow some of these steps. 

  • Open the venmo app. 
  • Go to the “Me” tab and click on the “Setting”. 
  • Tap on the “Identity Verification” to verify your account.

During verification make sure that your information is accurate and correct. 

How to unfreeze venmo account?

Your venmo account might be frozen because of some suspicious activities like violations, security concerns, or others. 

  • First, you need to find out the problem which causes your venmo account frozen and contact the venmo support team. 
  • Open the venmo app. 
  • Click on the “3 horizontal lines” in the top left corner. 
  • Click on the “Get Help” and choose “Contact Us”.
  • Describe the problem or issue and request for a venmo unfreeze account.

How do I add money to my venmo account?

Follow the steps to add money to your account. 

  • Open the main page of your profile.
  • Click on “Manage” and then click on “Add Money”.
  • Next, you see 2 options “Instant” and “Standard”.
  • Click on “Instant” enter the amount you need to add and click on “Next”.
  • Next, you have to select the bank account and click on “Add Now”.

How can you get a venmo account recovery payment?

If you know the person, then, send them a request for the money back. But if you don’t know the person, you have to contact venmo support to get help and describe the circumstances by requesting their money back.

How Do venmo account login?

To log into your venmo account, just follow these guidelines for my venmo account and create your own venmo account:

  • Download the app and click on it. 
  • After clicking on it, tap on “Log In”.
  • Enter all the required details and simply click on “Log In”.

How You Can Find Your Venmo Account Number?

Look at these steps, to find your account number or venmo account id. 

  • Go to the “Me” Tab and click on “Setting”.
  • On the setting click on “Direct Deposit” and your account number and routing number open in front of you. 

How to create venmo nonprofit account?

Look at these steps to create a venmo account for nonprofit. 

  • Download the official app of Venmo. 
  • Log in to the app by entering your password. 
  • Verify your email address and phone number. 
  • After that, you have to verify your bank account. 
  • Lastly, change your user name and add a profile picture that represents your nonprofit. 

Why Venmo Account Frozen asking for ID?

When your venmo account suspended for suspicious activity, venmo might ask you to provide some additional documentation and information. When you provide all the required details, then, Venmo will tell you the reason for your account freeze. That’s why they kept asking for venmo account ID. 

How much business venmo account fees?

From another venmo account, payment that sent to your business profile, the standard rate of seller transaction is about 1.9% + $0.10 of the payment. 

How to pay someone on venmo without a venmo account?

Below, we are going to discuss some of the basic steps to pay someone on venmo without a venmo account. 

  • Log in to your venmo account from the app.
  • After logging in to your account, link your payment method such as your bank account or credit card. 
  • Or if you prefer to use your venmo balance, you can also add it as your payment method.
  • Since you’re paying someone who doesn’t have a venmo account.
  • You’ll have to initiate a payment request. 
  • So, select the request option and enter the recipients information such as their email or phone number. 
  • Enter the amount you want to pay the specific person and add a note for context.
  • After you send the payment, venmo will notify the recipient via a text message or an Email. 

Final Overview

Venmo is a powerful mobile payment application that offers convenient digital transactions. By understanding its security measures, features, and troubleshooting steps, you can easily find a way to enjoy a seamless experience. 

By following this comprehensive guide which we discuss above, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the world of Venmo confidently. We will share all the details about Venmo Account creation and freezing issues. Also you can read the accounts difference to make your choice better.


Q. What is the downside of Venmo?

One of the downsides of venmo is; that when a hacker can gain access to your venmo account, they might steal your amount. That’s why you need to be alert and use two-factor authentication for app security. 

Q. How do I get a Venmo account?

Follow the steps to get your venmo account. 

Open the app on your venmo app on your device. 
Select the account type and click on “Sign Up”.
Enter all the required details and click on “Send Code”.
After receiving the code, enter the code and complete your verification process. 

Q. How much does Venmo cost?

There is no cost for creating an account on venmo and also you don’t need to add monthly or annual fees. However, if you use a credit card to pay, then from the sender venmo charges 3%.

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