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Venmo Crypto – Selling, Buying, Fee, Wallet & Complete Guide

Venmo Crypto is a feature which is offered by Venmo to individuals who are looking for digital currencies. It allows its users to hold, buy, and sell cryptocurrencies. Venmo cryptocurrency has gained much attention because of its integration with cryptocurrencies. You can easily buy, sell, and hold the crypto in venmo without any complexity. 

Let’s dive into the world of digital currencies to explore all about cryptocurrencies along with how you can buy and sell as well as fee and exchange rates. 

What are the Requirements for buying, selling, and holding Crypto on Venmo?

Here are some of the requirements that you need to know for venmo crypto. 

  • The person who wants to buy, sell, and hold crypto must have a personal account on venmo.
  • To buy crypto on venmo, you need to verify your identity by providing the information including ITIN or SSN
  • Individuals who have Business and Teen accounts do not buy cryptocurrency on Venmo.

What are the Features of Venmo Cryptocurrencies?

Here are some of the features of venmo crypto. 

  • Hold Crypto Assets
  • Buy Crypto Assets
  • Send Crypto Assets
  • Sell Crypto Assets
  • Receive Crypto Assets 
  • View market information and educational content. 

Note: Some of the cryptocurrencies’ features may not be available in the U.S. 

What are the Benefits of using Venmo Crypto?

Below, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of cryptocurrencies on venmo. 

  • To buy cryptocurrency on venmo, you don’t require a huge amount. You can buy cryptocurrency for as little as $1. 
  • You can Buy, Sell, and Hold crypto on your venmo account. 
  • Venmo Crypto allows users to easily track their cryptocurrency investment along with their other financial activities within the venmo app. 
  • Cryptocurrencies also promote risk and responsible investing management. 

What types of Cryptocurrencies Does Venmo Support?

Venmo offers 4 types of cryptocurrencies to buy, sell, and transfer. 

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Litecoin
  3. Ethereum
  4. Bitcoin Cash

Note: You can also use PayPal Stablecoin, PayPal USD as venmo offers it. 

Did Venmo Charge any Fee for Buying Crypto?

Yes, venmo charges a fee for buying crypto which is based on the sale and purchase amount. When you are going to buy crypto, all the details are shown such as exchange rate, price, and transaction fee. 

For example, if you buy $1 then the exchange rate is about $0.49, and if you buy $100 then the exchange rate is about $2.49. Keep in mind that the more you are buying, the less free is going to be.

How to Buy Crypto on Venmo?

When you buy crypto, then, there is no way to reverse the amount, and market value is also shown on the screen. If there is any error occurring while purchasing the crypto, then venmo immediately notify you about it. There is no way to reverse the payment once you buy the crypto. 

Follow the steps to buy the crypto on venmo;

  • Open Venmo and from the Home Page, click on “Crypto”.
  • There are 4 crypto options, which you can see along with prices.
  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Litecoin
  4. Bitcoin Cash
  • Click on any Crypto you want to buy.
  • Here I am Going to click on “Bitcoin” and click on “Buy”.
  • Enter the amount and hit Review. Here, you can see all the exchange rates, prices, and transaction fees.
  • You can change the bank and add a new bank that you have.
  • Click on “Buy Bitcoin”. 

How to sell Crypto on Venmo?

Venmo does not charge any additional charges for holding crypto on venmo. When you are going to sell the crypto, venmo uses a HIFO (Highest-in-first-out) method to calculate all the losses and gains. By following the below steps, you are going to be able to sell Crypto.

  • Open your venmo account and click on “Crypto” which is one the bottom of the Venmo Home Page. 
  • Here you can see 4 Crypto Options, select the one you want to sell.
  • Here I am going to click on “Bitcoin”. 
  • After clicking on it, You can see two options: “Buy” and “Sell”.
  • As we are going to sell crypto, click on “Sell”. 
  • After clicking on sell, you can sell Bitcoin. 

Note: Don’t worry if your crypto transaction is pending because, like other transactions, this might take a few days to proceed. However, if you lose money on crypto purchases, venmo is not considered to give you any help, ask a financial advisor. 

How to Transfer Money from Venmo to another Crypto Wallet?

Before transferring the crypto make sure that you are using the right address to avoid any type of loss. Always copy-paste the address or scan the QR Code to decrease any type of risks. Follow the steps if you want to transfer your money from venmo to your crypto wallet. 

  • Open the venmo and click on “Crypto”.
  • Click on any cryptocurrency and buy some crypto by entering the amount.
  • After that, open your “Crypto Wallet”.
  • Click on “Receive” and copy the address of your Crypto.
  • Now, return to venmo and click on the “Two Arrows” which is located below near the “Buy” Option to send from Venmo to Crypto Wallet. 
  • Paste the address in the search bar, click on the profile, and enter the Amount.
  • To scan the recipient’s code, you can also click on “Scan a Crypto Address QR Code”. 
  • Lastly, click on “Transfer Review” and here your money is transferred from venmo to your crypto wallet. 

Note: You can also send the crypto to another external wallet, just enter the specific address and send it. 

Why Is Venmo Crypto Not Working?

Here are some of the common issues that you can face about venmo crypto not working

  • Venmo is limited if you want to transfer the crypto to an external wallet. 
  • To use any type of crypto, you must have to verify your identity. 
  • There is a chance that sometimes any type of technical glitches can occur with venmo. 
  • Moreover, you also need to make sure that you are in a country or region where venmo supports crypto.  

Note: Keep in mind that Crypto Cannot support holding, buying, and selling in Hawaii. You also cannot transfer crypto in the State of New York.

How Much is the Limit of a Venmo Crypto?

In the table below, check out the buying limits of crypto. 

Per Week$5,000 and $20,000
12 Month$50,000
How Much is the Limit of a Venmo Crypto

Is there any Fee for Transferring Crypto?

No, there is no fee for transferring crypto from venmo to PayPal Account. However, some of the additional fees may apply to send it outside networks. 

$1.00 – $4.99$0.49
$5.00 – $24.99$0.99
$25.00 – $74.99$1.99
$75.00 – $200.00$2.49
$200.01 – $1000.001.80%
Receiving a cryptocurrency transfer$0None 
Transferring cryptocurrency to another Venmo or PayPal account$0None
Is there any Fee for Transferring Crypto

Venmo Crypto Review

A lot of people face issues when they want to sell crypto. There is also an issue regarding sending crypto to another wallet. You can just hold, buy, and sell crypto on the venmo app. However, if you contact venmo customer service, they also do not guide you properly and just copy and paste the selected Crypto FAQs. That’s why I don’t recommend our users to use Venmo Crypto.

Understanding Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that you can hold, buy, and sell the products. Crypto is like you change the amount from one currency to another. The difference between the lowest sell and highest buy order on any exchange is called price spread. Price spread can also affect the situation which can lead to an increase in the price variation and price volatility between crypto exchanges. 

Is there any fee for buying crypto

Yes, venmo will charge an amount that depends upon the sale or purchase of the amount when you buy and sell the cryptocurrencies. While making the transactions, venmo then displays the amount. 

When you link your debit card or bank account to buy crypto, then, charges might apply from your bank. Venmo is not responsible for these additional charges.  Moreover, if you buy or sell PayPal USD (PYUSD), then, there are no fees or additional charges applied on venmo. 

How to see the Current Venmo Worth?

You can easily see the current worth of venmo by just clicking on the Crypto -> Specific Cryptocurrency that you prefer to see the worth. By clicking on it, you will see the current price and worth of crypto. 

Venmo will update the crypto market value every few seconds and you can see them by watching a line graph. You can easily watch the entire history of the crypto market value including 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, or a year. 

What Does the Total Return Number Mean?

Total return means the pool of investment or the actual rate of return investment. The total return includes capital gains, dividends, interest, and distributions. The interest rate on venmo can be calculated when you purchase the crypto and the average price it is selling with the current spread rate and exchange rate. 

What is the PayPal USD (PYUSD)?

PayPal also offers a stablecoin which is a type of cryptocurrency that is completely Assisted by U.S treasuries, US dollar deposits, and cash. You can sell and buy 1 PYUSD for 1 USD on PayPal and Venmo. 

You can send PYUSD from venmo to PayPal without any fee. However, if you want to transfer it into another wallet, then, additional network charges will apply. PayPal USD only transfers to the wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. 

How to receive a crypto from another Venmo User?

Follow the steps to learn about receiving the crypto from another venmo user. 

  • Open the venmo app and click on “Crypto”.
  • Now, select the crypto type you want to receive and click on the transfer arrow. 
  • Click on “Receive” and your crypto address or QR Code will appear. 
  • By scanning the QR Code or sharing the code anyone can send you crypto. 

Note: Receiving or Transfering the crypto on venmo might take some time, and if the account is not verified then, it will take 30 days to complete the process. 

What are Crypto Price Alerts?

When you turn on the price alerts on the crypto, venmo will notify you through the notification when the price of crypto increases or decreases. The purpose of these notifications is only to give you information. Any person who has a venmo account can turn on the price alerts. Venmo will only notify you of 2 price alert notifications within 24 hours. 

How to Set Up Price Alerts on Venmo?

Have a look at the steps to set the price alerts on venmo;

  • Open the venmo app and tap on “Crypto”.
  • Click on the specific cryptocurrency and turn on the price alerts. 

Does Venmo Offer Security to Protect Cryptocurrency?

Venmo will offer high security and alerts to notify you and help you prevent fraudulent activities to protect your crypto. However, venmo is unable to give you any type of advice about crypto and will recommend you talk with a tax specialist and financial advisor. If you suspect any type of suspicious activity in your venmo account, then, contact the venmo support team to report the issue. 

Note: Venmo will not give any type of additional private key to protect your crypto. 

What type of Scams occur on Venmo to steal Crypto?

To steal your crypto, scammers can do many frauds. Be aware and try not to give any of your information, if you receive a call, text, or email. Here are some of the scams that can occur with you;

Phone Calls: You might get a call from an unknown person who acts like he belongs to the venmo support center and asks you about your venmo account information. Be careful and don’t give them any type of sensitive information. 

Email Address: You can also receive a lot of emails from scammers about crypto transactions. In some emails, they also demand some of your personal financial information. If you receive these emails, first forward them to and then delete them from your inbox

Text: Scammers can also send you some types of links through text and ask you to open the links. When you open the link they ask you about your personal details. Don’t enter any of your details because it allows them to get access to your venmo account and they can steal your information. 

What about Cash Back to Crypto for the Venmo Credit Card?

From your venmo account, you can use cash back to buy the cryptocurrency. Moreover, You can easily turn on and off the Cash Back from the venmo card section. Venmo will not charge any cash fee back to Crypto Auto-Purchase.

Within 1 to 3 days, you can get your cash back reward in your venmo account. However, on your taxes, you have to report about the loss and gains on your tax report. 

Keep in mind that venmo offers crypto if you have an amount greater than a dollar or one dollar, otherwise, crypto will provide you a cash back. On your venmo account, you will disable and enable the cash abc to crypto from the venmo credit card section. 

How to change cash back to crypto?

Follow the steps to change the cash back to crypto;

Open the venmo app and click on “Manage” from the reward tab. 

Click on “Change Crypto” and then choose another cryptocurrency. 

How are fees calculated for buying and selling crypto on Venmo?

Based on the spread between the displayed price to the users and their service provider’s market price can calculate the fees for selling and buying crypto along with the transaction fees However, the exchange rate is estimated at 0.50% spread. 


Venmo Cryptocurrencies are considered one of the accessible and most convenient choices. Moreover, Venmo Crypto offers a lot of benefits for those who are looking for digital currencies. Now, they can sell, buy, and hold crypto on their venmo account. Now, you can also transfer your crypto to another wallet easily. 

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