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Venmo Personal Account -How to Create? Requirements, Limits & Fee

To share your dining or shopping bills with your friends, you can create a Venmo Personal Account. It provides you with an easy way to transfer your amount instantly and offers you a seamless money transfer experience. Venmo offers you a Venmo business account along with a personal account you can also check how to create a Venmo business account.

In this blog, let’s discuss all the requirements for creating a Venmo personal account along with its creating fees, taxes, and benefits. Venmo accounts can make your life very easy. So, enjoy the process.

What are the Requirements for creating a personal account on Venmo?

Below, check out some of the basic requirements when you are going to create a personal account on Venmo.

  • When you are going to create an account on Venmo, you must be a resident of the U.S. 
  • You are using the latest version of the Venmo app while creating a profile. 
  • You have to enter all of your details while creating an account. 
  • You can also check the requirements of creating a business account by reading Venmo business account. 

How to create a Venmo personal account?

Follow the steps to know about the procedure for personal accounts. 

Open Venmo App:

  • Unlock your phone and Click on the Venmo App. 
  • Select “Personal Account” and click on “Sign Up”.
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Verify through Phone Number:

  • Now, you have to enter your mobile phone which you want to link with your Venmo Account, and tap on “Send Code”.
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  • On your device, you will receive a “Verification Code”.
  • Copy the code and “Enter the Code” into the given space for the Venmo verification account and then click on “Submit Code”.
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  •  Click on the box on the last to verify you are 18 years old and click on “Next”.
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Enter your Details:

  • After clicking on it, you have to enter the required info including first name, last name, username, Email, Password, and other details to create your profile. 
  • After entering all of your details, you have to click on “Next”.
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Agree on Legal Terms:

  • After clicking on next, you have to read all the legal stuff and privacy policies of this app.
  • Carefully read all the instructions and agree to all the terms and conditions of this app. 
  • When you finish the reading click on “Agree”.
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  • Next, you can also find the option “Sync Phone Contact” or “Sync Facebook Contact”. You can also “Skip” it if you don’t want to Sync. 
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Choose the Account Type:

  • Next, you can also set your account for public, Friends, or Profile. Choose the option as per your choice and click on “Done”.
  • Here you go, Your account has been created successfully. Start using it, you can also change your account setting from the Venmo setting. 

How Much is Venmo Personal Account Fees?

Creating a Venmo account for personal use is free of cost and does not charge any type of fee. You can send money through your account within 1-3 days without any deduction. However, for instant transfer, you have to pay a minimum of $0.25 and a maximum of $25 on each transaction.

Do you have to pay taxes for a personal account on Venmo?

No, you don’t have to pay any tax like Venmo personal account 1099 K. The 1099 K form only requires selling goods and offering services that cost more than 20,000. It does not need to transfer the amount to your friends or family. 

What are the Benefits of a Venmo Personal Account?

Here are some of the benefits of using a Venmo personal account. Follow the Steps to know about it. 

  • You can send the amount to your friends and family. 
  • If you are going out for dinner with your mates or friends and forget to bring your wallet. You can also pay your bill. 
  • It also supports QR codes, you can just scan the code and also do in-store shopping. 

What are the Disadvantages of Personal Accounts on Venmo?

Look at some of the disadvantages of a personal account on Venmo. 

  • You can send a limited amount in a week even if you have a verified account.
  • You cannot use your account if you are not physically present in the U.S.
  • There is a chance that hackers can hack your account by sending you a link. If you accidentally click on the link and enter your details, hackers can transfer all the amount to their own accounts. 

How do I access my Personal account?

Simply open up the app on your iOS or Android device and log in to your account to get access to your account. You can also get access to your account from the official website of Venmo. On the official site of Venmo, you also enter all of your login details and click on log in.

Can I use my personal Account for Business?

To use your personal account for business, you have to create a business profile from your personal account and simply switch to it. Now, you can switch your personal account to a business account with one click. 

How Does a Personal Account Work on Venmo?

It is simply used to transfer or receive money from your friends and family. You can simply use your personal account to pay your bills, and send, or receive money. You can also check out how does Venmo works.

Could you be scammed on a Venmo personal account?

Yes, you can scammed, scammers may call you and text and ask you about your account details. Don’t tell them your details nor click on any type of links otherwise your account details would be stolen. 

Moreover, some scammers also pretend that they are your friends and request you to send a specific amount. Don’t send them the amount until it is confirmed that they are your friends. 

How To Protect Your Venmo Personal Account?

Don’t link any type of third-party app with your Venmo account. 

  • Use a strong password for your account. 
  • Don’t click on any type of link for the verification or authentication of your account. 
  • Don’t enter your account PIN in front of any strange person. 
  • Don’t loan or transfer the money to the people you don’t know. 

What Types of Issues occur in Personal Accounts?

Let’s have a look at some of the common issues that can occur with your personal account on Venmo.

  • If you use a bank or a debit card to transfer funds using Venmo there is a chance that your money is transferred to another account. 
  • Maybe your account is hacked or all of your amount is stolen. 
  • Hackers can also get access to your personal information. 
  • You can also face a slow performance in your app.
  • There is also a login with your app.

What are the Troubleshooting Tips for Personal Accounts?

Now, check out the troubleshooting tips that help you to resolve your issues. 

  • Before transferring payment make sure that you are entering the right details in your account. 
  • Don’t click on any link that you receive from a stranger and also don’t enter your login details. 
  • Slow performance might occur due to poor internet connection. So, make sure that you use a stable and good internet. 
  • If you face any type of login issue, you need to check your internet connection, if the issue still remains then, uninstall the app and install it again into your account. 


Creating a Venmo personal account is not as difficult as you think. Just read the entire article, to know about how you can create a personal account on Venmo in an easy way. However, be alert when you use your account because scammers and hackers might attack your account using different ways to steal your amount and personal information. Before creating and Venmo account, you also need to download the Venmo app that we already discussed.

*Note: If you have further any query regarding venmo Personal account visit venmo support.


Q. What’s the difference between a personal and business Venmo account?

The main difference between personal and business Venmo accounts is you can use a personal account for transferring money to your friends and family. On the other hand, a Venmo business account is used for selling goods and offering services. 

Q. Is Venmo personal account free?

Yes, creating a personal account on Venmo is totally free and you don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly fees for it. 

Q. Can Venmo be used for personal use?

Yes, you can use Venmo for your personal use like you can send money to your friends and family. On the other hand, you can also use a personal account to pay your bills. 

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