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Venmo Review – Pros, Cons, Trust, Cards & CCS

Venmo is a digital wallet that is used for rapid money transactions. You can make transactions only in the U.S. not internationally. Like other money transfer apps such as Zelle, Apple Pay, Square, and others, venmo also offers smooth and convenient transactions to its users. Venmo app holds pros as well as cons regarding the transaction with some additional fees, tax deductions, and its legitimacy. 

In this blog, I am going to share venmo Review and its security measurements which are based on personal observations and experience.  Let’s come down to Read in Depth Venmo Review.

What are the Pros and Cons of Venmo?

In the table below, I am going to discuss some of the pros and cons of using the venmo app. Go ahead and know about them.

Pros Cons
Offers you a convenient and quick transferThere is still the possibility of hacking your account for money theft.
Offers a low fee for credit payments There might be some interest rate and additional charges apply.
You can transfer money free from debit cards and bank accounts You can do international transactions. It only offers transactions in the United States. 
You can buy cryptocurrenciesPayments should be defaulted publicly 
Offers a Venmo Teen Account for your childrenScams might happen
You can use venmo for in-store and online purchases. Does not refund the sending payment
Venmo does not charge a fee for sending money from a venmo balance, bank account, or debit card On the sale of $600 sales, venmo requires 24% of payment without your Tax ID. 
What are the Pros and Cons of Venmo

Benefits wise Venmo Review

Using the venmo app gives you a lot of benefits. Let’s go down and learn all of its benefits;

  • Both iOS and Android Users can use the venmo app.
  • Now, children who are under 18 can also use the venmo app on behalf of their parents by creating a teen account. 
  • Venmo offers a business account to manage your business transactions. On the other hand, you can use a venmo personal account to send money to your friends and family. 
  • Creating a Venmo Business Account, Venmo Personal Account, or Venmo Teen Account does not require any cost. 
  • There are no charges applied to transfer money to your friends and family. 
  • You can use a venmo card to withdraw your amount from the ATM. 
  • If your phone is stolen, you can log out of your venmo account by signing in to another device. 

Is Venmo Available Internationally?

No, venmo doesn’t offer its services at the international level. You cannot transfer the amount outside the U.S. using venmo. To use the venmo app, you must be a resident of the U.S. and physically located in the United States. You cannot even shop and buy things online using your Venmo account details outside the U.S.

Is Venmo App a Legit App? Our Review

Yes, the venmo app is legal and you can send money through this app without any fear and worry. I also personally used this venmo app for the past 5 years and never faced any type of unauthorized activity with my account. This app also doesn’t affect the internal data of your device. 

Is the venmo app safe to use?

Yes, the venmo app is safe to use. Don’t worry about your transactions, you can now send money without any fear, all of your transactions are encrypted. users can also adjust their privacy settings to control the visibility of their transactions. 

However, keep in mind that the hackers cannot steal your amount directly but they use some tricks to hack or steal your amount. That’s why stay active and don’t click on any type of link that you receive through email or messages and never enter your account details on it. 

Customer Service Review of Venmo

Venmo offers its users a facility to contact them if their users face any type of difficulty regarding signing up, downloading, and account freezing. I also use this app and if any type of issue occurs with my account, I immediately contact venmo customer service. The customer service team of venmo provided all the guidelines regarding my issue. The experts of the team offer you service from 8 A.M. to 10 P.M. CT daily. You can contact them anytime to get the guidelines. 

Venmo Card Reviews

Venmo offers its card for in-store purchases. There are 3 types of venmo cards. Let’s check out the reviews of these cards one by one. 

  1. Venmo Debit Card Reviews:

Using a venmo debit card is very easy and convenient. You can withdraw the amount using your venmo debit card from the ATM. During the observation, I learned that venmo debit cards are not used at Gas stations, so make sure that your card is working properly. Learn more about venmo debit cards in our separate blog. 

  1. Venmo Credit Card Reviews:

What I like most about venmo credit card is that you can use it in up to 200 countries. The QR Code which is printed on the card makes paying your bills more convenient. Learn more about Venmo credit cards in our separate blog. 

  1. Venmo Gift Card Reviews:

A Gift Card is not a physical card to pay your bills. This is a feature in the venmo app that you can use to send money as a gift to your loved ones on their special occasions. I also send the e-gift to my friends using this venmo gift card. It offers a beautiful design layout. Learn more about Venmo Gift Cards in our separate blog. 

Does Venmo charge an additional amount when you transfer money?

No, venmo does not charge any additional amount, when you transfer any amount. A simple transaction is free of cost. However, when anyone uses another credit card for the transaction using venmo, then, venmo charges a 3% fee.

Can you transfer the amount from venmo to your bank account?

Yes, you can transfer the amount to your venmo account to a certain bank account. You can also send money to your Mastercard Debit or Eligible Visa Cards. This amount is transferred within 30 minutes. It can also deduct a 1.75% fee when you transfer money to your bank account, the minimum fee is $0.25 and the maximum fee is $25. 

Can you pay your bills through the venmo app or not?

Yes, you can pay your bills using the venmo app. No matter if you are going for a coffee or having lunch or dinner with your friends, you can pay digitally if you forget to bring your wallet. Pay your bills anywhere all over the United States. 

Does Venmo reverse your Payment?

No, venmo does not reverse your payment once you send it. In that case, if you request the other person and they send you the amount then you will get back your amount. Venmo itself does not reverse the payment on the sender’s request. 

What About Venmo Security?

Venmo offers encryption that protects your account information and identifies unauthorized transactions. To secure your account information, you have to add a PIN code first. On the other hand, if your phone is lost and you suspect that your device is in use, then, you sign in to your venmo account from another device and sign out your account by Setting > Security. 

Venmo Social Impact of Payments

Venmo is the only money transfer app that adds a social element to payments. This app is not like its competitors like Google Pay, Cash App, Apple Pay, and others. This app offers an onscreen calculator for splitting bills when you send or receive money in a group of your friends. Venmo app supports social network features such as likes, comments, and messages with funny notes, emojis, and animated stickers attached to it.

What are the Ratings and Reviews of the Venmo App?

More than 83 Million People used this app at that time and everyone has shared different reviews and ratings for this app. However, some people complain that they have to change their privacy settings every time after a transaction which is complicated for them. 

When I see the official app ratings from the App Store and Play Store, then, on the App Store, there are 4.9 ratings, and on the Play Store, there is a 4.2 rating for this app, which shows that this app is worth considering to use. 

Closing the Venmo Review

After observing all of the venmo app features, it is right to say that this app is super easy to use and offers you a lot of convenience to transfer the amount.

Well, if I talk about its security, there is a chance of hacking your account or your transaction might be public by default. Along with its features, the venmo app is worth considering as an app for friends, family, and business use. Based on my recommendation, you can use this app without any fear. In Short, Venmo Review is it good to use for safe transections in USA.


Q. Do you need a bank account for Venmo?

Yes, for a money transfer, you have to connect your U.S. bank with your venmo profile. 

Q. Is there a monthly fee for Venmo?

No, there is no monthly or annual fee for creating an account on venmo. 

Q. Is Zelle safer than Venmo?

Both apps appear more secure for transactions. However, Venmo appears more secure because it can monitor all the transactions and prevent you from any type of fraud. 

Maximiliano Rojo

Maximiliano Rojo

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