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Venmo Taxes: Everything to know in 2024

If you exceed the tax reporting limit on Venmo, then you have to fill out the 1099-K form and inform the IRS. These Venmo taxes are only for business profiles that receive and sell goods and services, not for transactions that you receive on your personal profiles.

“The federal tax reporting period was $600 until 2023 for payments received for goods and services. Later, the IRS issued a 2023-74 notice that mentions some more delays in the implementation of the $600 limit at the end of November 2023. In that case, the limit of tax reporting in 2023 will return to $20,000 and 200 transactions.”

If you want to know the details about Venmo taxes, then read the entire blog carefully.

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What are the current tax laws for Venmo?

The IRS needs all the payment reporting for goods and services that any of the Venmo users sold. Anyone who sold things for more than $20,000 in 200 transactions has to give the IRS a 1099-K tax report.

However, this tax law only applies to those who receive this payment by selling goods and services. This law not only applies to family and friend payments.

  • Vermont (VT): ≥ $600
  • Maryland (MD): ≥ $600
  • Virginia (VA): ≥ $600
  • Illinois (IL): > $1,000 and 4+ transactions
  • Massachusetts (MA): ≥ $600

What is a 1099-K Form?

This is a tax form that is used to report payments for goods and services transactions. Form 1099-K is also called “Payment Card” and “Third Party Network Transactions.” This form is only issued to business profile owners and those who sell goods and services on Venmo.

Moreover, some of the platforms that support payments are required by law to file the report with the IRS and need to send a copy to payment recipients. These platforms, or organizations, include:

  • PayPal
  • Venmo 
  • Etsy
  • Upwork
  • Stripe and many others.

What are tax holds?

If you are not paying your Venmo tax to the IRS, then Venmo may hold your funds. To avoid backup withholding and tax funds, you will need to provide your information on the Venmo app. Make sure that your tax information is complete and that you have paid all your Venmo taxes. Otherwise, Venmo starts sending 24% of the payment from your goods and services to the IRS.

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Why is Venmo asking for tax information?

When you receive payments on Venmo, the IRS demands all the payment activities that occur on Venmo once you reach the reporting threshold. However, if you reach the limit and don’t report, then you can face a backup withholding. Backup withholding means that a huge amount from your payments is sent to the tax authority instead of the receiver.

What about Venmo cryptocurrency taxes?

On your Venmo taxes on cryptocurrency, you need to report gains or losses when you sell the cryptocurrency. People who sell cryptocurrency will receive a loss-and-gain statement during the year. Moreover, if you need to change or update any of your information for tax purposes, contact the Venmo Support Team.

What happens when you provide your information to the IRS?

Once you provide your tax information, you cannot face backup withholding. All of your payments are directly sent to your Venmo account, and there are no payment holding issues you can face. To know more about Venmo taxes, you need to take advice from any licensed tax advisor.

What happens if you cannot provide your tax information to Venmo?

If you cannot provide the Venmo tax information to Venmo, then Venmo starts sending 24% of your payments to the IRS for backup withholding. If you still don’t do anything, then Venmo continuously holds 24% and pays the IRS for the whole year.

What is backup withholding in the Venmo app?

When you cannot provide tax information to the vendor. Then, Venmo requires you to take 24% of the payments that you receive from goods and services and send them to the IRS. This will make sure that any type of tax is paid.

Moreover, this 24% is taken from your Venmo balance. 24% is the percentage of the standard withholding, which the IRS sets. Your backup withholding date starts on the date when funds are sent to the IRS.

However, to avoid the backup withholding, you need to tax ID in the Venmo app. Moreover, once your payment is sent to the IRS, there is no way to get back your amount. To avoid the backup withholding, you need to provide your tax ID in the Venmo app.

What does “Go Paperless” mean on Venmo?

If you are eligible to receive the tax documents from Venmo, then you can select to receive the tax documents electronically instead of by physical mail. However, if you never receive a notification from Venmo, then it means your previous year’s history of tax documents has not reached reportable yet.

What if you use another platform except Venmo to avoid taxes?

You cannot avoid paying taxes because other platforms such as PayPal, Square, and Stripe also have the same IRS rules for taxes, just like Venmo.

Can PayPal keep a record of Venmo taxes?

The parent company of Venmo, PayPal, takes the record and process of all the documentation and servicing from those who receive payments for the sale of goods and services. They also process the buying and selling of cryptocurrency on Venmo. Moreover, if you have any questions related to Venmo taxes, then you have to consult with a Venmo tax professional.

Does Venmo hold your money if you don’t pay your tax?

Yes, Venmo will hold your money for a while if you don’t pay your taxes. After a specific time, Venmo starts sending 24% to the IRS from your Venmo balance. The 24% is sent to the IRS every month.

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Does Venmo automatically send payments to the IRS?

Yes, if you see that your amount is automatically sent to the IRS, then it means that these are the backup withholding payments. This happens when you don’t pay your Venmo taxes to the IRS, and Venmo starts sending 24% of your payments directly to the IRS.

Click on the outgoing payments to check out more details. However, if you see that your amount is still on hold, then it happened for some other reason.

Is it possible for Venmo to send you tax notifications?

You have to provide your tax ID to Venmo, but to avoid any type of issue or backup withholding, provide the information in the Venmo app. Moreover, Venmo does not notify you or send you any type of text or email to give you information regarding your Venmo account. So, avoid giving any of your details in the text or email.

How do I find and download vendor tax documents?

Follow the steps to find out your tax paper information.

  • Open the Venmo app and click on the “Me” tab or “Profile” icon.
  • Click on the “Settings” or “Gear” icon in the upper right corner.
  • Scroll down, and under the taxes, click on “Tax Documents.”
  • Select “Year” and click on “Download All.”
  • However, if you don’t have any tax paperwork, then you have to go through the FAQs.
  • You will be able to download or send it via email to yourself.
  • You can also check your previous tax documents by selecting the previous year.

Will you receive a tax email on Venmo after closing your account?

If the payments of goods and services reach the specific reportable limit, then you may receive Venmo taxes documents through mail even if your Venmo account is closed.

Why is Venmo asking for EIN, ITIN, and SSN, and how can you add them?

To complete the reporting requirement of the IRS, Venmo is required to gather an EIN, an ITIN, and an SSN. Here is how you can provide your EIN, ITIN, and SSN:

ForvPersonal Profile:

  • Click on the “Me” tab.
  • Tap on “Settings” and click on “Tax Verification.”
  • A screen is open in front of you; enter your SSN, ITIN, or EIN, and click on “Submit.”
  • If Venmo cannot confirm your information, then you need to enter your full name, DOB, and address.
  • Tap on “Submit” to proceed next.

For Business Profile:

  • Open the Venmo app and click on the “Me” tab or “Profile” icon.
  • In the upper right corner, tap on “Settings.”
  • Click on “Identity Verification.”
  • Next, enter your SSN, ITIN, or EIN and click on “Submit.”
  • If you also cannot confirm your ID, then enter your full name, DOB, and address. 
  • Lastly, click on “Submit.”

When did you receive tax forms on Venmo?

On January 31st, the 1099-K form is available for qualifying users on Venmo, and then on February 15th, losses and gains statements are available. However, Venmo also issues tax documents for qualifying users electronically. People who signed up on July 22nd, 2022, may receive tax documents by email.

Can You Opt Out of Receiving Tax Documents through Email?

Here is how you can opt for electronic tax delivery on your Venmo app.

  • Open the Venmo app.
  • Click on the “Me” tab and then on “Settings.”
  • Tap on “Tax Documents” and click on “Go Paperless.”

How can you request to correct Venmo taxes documents?

Check all of your tax documents, and if you notice any mistakes, you can request to make changes. Keep in mind that you can only request to make changes through the Venmo website, not in the app.

  • Open the web browser and sign in to your Venmo account.
  • Tap on “Settings” from the sidebar.
  • Tap on “Tax Documents.”
  • Here, select the year, and next to the documents, click on “Make Changes.”
  • Follow the instructions and click on “Submit” to make your changes.

How to provide information to your taxpayer?

In that case, if you receive this notification, it means that your payments exceeded the limit. Moreover, you can see all of your payment details on the business home pages or the Me tab. There is also a button on the payment details pages. So, if it is needed, then you can also provide tax information.

How do I update my contact information to receive tax documents?

First, make sure that you are qualified for tax on Venmo. If you are not qualified on Venmo, then Venmo does not issue a 1099-K form. To update your information, you need to contact the Venmo support team to get assistance.

Clarity Check!

If you use a Venmo business profile, then you have to pay taxes on Venmo. Keep in mind that if you exceed the Venmo limit, then Venmo taxes will apply to you. If you do not pay your taxes, then Venmo will start sending 24% of your Venmo balance to the IRS. Moreover, these taxes are applied only for receiving and selling goods and services, not for transactions that you receive from your friends or family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is Venmo keeping your money?

No, Venmo does not keep your money. In your account, payments are placed on tax hold, and you cannot get access to them. Until you don’t provide your tax information, you can’t get access to it. 

Q. Is Venmo reporting your payments to the IRS?

It totally depends on the total amount and types of payments you receive during the year.

Q. What types of payments will be reported to the IRS on a Form 1099-K?

When you receive a payment for your goods and services, Venmo needs to give the information to the IRS and meet the reporting threshold. These payments will be reported on a Form 1099-K to you and the IRS. 

Q. What type of payment isn’t reported to the IRS on a Form 1099-K?

Paying your bills or receiving payment from your friends and family shouldn’t be reported to the IRS on a Form 1099-K.

Q. What is a goods-and-services transaction?

A payment that we make when buying something, such as online merchandise, tickets, gifts, and other items.

Q. What payments are considered goods and services?

All the payments are sent to business profiles on Venmo.

Q. Can you receive a Form 1099-K if you sold personal property and received a payment through Venmo?

Venmo needs to report all the payments received for goods and services, such as selling personal items, processing fees, and refunded amounts. Moreover, some payments cannot be considered taxable income for you.

Q. Does Venmo ask you to provide your tax information?

Yes, Venmo may ask you to provide tax information, such as your EIN, ITIN, and SSN.

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