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Venmo vs Google Pay – Clear Cut Comparison 2024

Venmo and Google Pay both are payment apps that are used to transfer money for your online and in-store purchases. If you want to start your new business, you can also use these apps to make transactions in a secure way. However, if these apps have similarities, they also have some features that make them apart from each other. 

In this blog, we will discuss all the features such as overview, transaction speed, authentication, and security of Venmo vs Google Pay that make the difference between them. 

Overview and Background

Below, check out the overview and background of Venmo and Google Pay. 


Venmo is a peer-to-peer mobile payment app which was founded in 2009 and later in 2013 owned by PayPal.

Google Pay:

Google Pay is a payment platform which is offered by Google to pay for transactions. You can pay your payment on supported websites such as Google Play Store and bills for in-store purchases. This app was initially released on September 19, 2011, in the U.S. Firstly, this app only supported Mastercard which was issued by Citibank but later it allowed users to attach their Gmail and Google Wallet which helps its user to send money through Gmail.


Venmo FeaturesGoogle Pay
2009 Launched2011
Easy to Understand InterfaceUser-friendly Interface
App Store: 453.5 MBGoogle Play Store: 82 MBDownload SizeApp Store: 288.1 MBGoogle Play Store: 65 MB
Instant Within 1-3 business daysTransaction SpeedInstant 
Two-Factor AuthenticationAuthentication and SecurityPurchase Authentication and Biometric Password Capabilities
For Instant require a 1.75% FeeWithin 1-3 business days require no fee.Payments or Fee StructureDepends upon the type of transaction.
NoReverse Payment Yes, you can cancel your payment. 
YesSupport Crypto Yes
EnglishLanguage English, Gujarati, Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Simplified Chinese, Telugu
Only in the U.S.Offer Services US, India, and Singapore
Google Pay

User Interface – Venmo vs Google Pay

Now, let’s have a look at the user interface of Venmo vs Google Pay. 


Venmo app is known because of its smooth and secure transaction and user-friendly interface.

Google Pay:

The interface of Google Pay is very user-friendly and you can easily understand it. When you open the app, you might get additional options such as choosing your Google account, enabling NFC, about safe and secure transactions. 

Transactions Speed – Venmo vs Google Pay

Now, we will discuss the transaction speed of Venmo and Google Pay. 


If you want to send the amount via venmo, for instance, you have to pay a 1.75% fee and for 1-3 business days transactions there is no fee.

Google Pay:

Google Pay will offer a smooth and easy transaction that helps you to send your money efficiently. Here are the details of transaction speed. 

With Google Pay Balance Within minutes
With your Debit CardWithin a few minutes or 24 hours
With your Bank Account 3 to 5 Business Days
Google Pay

Authentication and Security

Authentication and security measures of both apps are discussed below. 


For authentication and security purposes, venmo is considered one of the safest and most secure mobile payment apps because it uses Two-Factor Authentication. 

Google Pay:

The authentication and security of Google Pay is very high. It offers safe and secure transactions. While using Google Pay, you can turn on “Purchase Authentication”. This will help you avoid any type of unauthorized transaction. When this feature is on, you must enter your Google Account password before you complete your in-app purchases. 

Payments or Fee Structure

Check out the Payments or fee structure of both Venmo vs Google Pay apps.


Here is the structure of venmo:

Payment TypeRate
Within 1 to 3 days None
Payment sent to your business account1.9% + $0.10 on every seller transaction
For Contactless Payment 2.29% + $0.10 on every seller transaction

Google Pay:

Transferring and receiving money through Google Pay does not charge any type of amount. However, some of the transactions might depend upon the type of transactions. 

Using a bank account or Debit Card Free
2 Credit card transactions involving money transfer 2.9% 
To receive money using a credit card 2.9%
Receive cash with a bank account Free
Google Levies a fee2.9% + $0.30 Per Transaction
Google Pay

Which one is more secure: Venmo vs Google Pay?

Venmo and Google Pay both offer the latest and most advanced security measures such as demanding a virtual account number, fraud alerts, and biometric password capabilities to avoid any type of fraud and loss. Using the app for sending and receiving money is totally safe and secure. 

Which one is better for small businesses Venmo or Google Pay?

Both apps are best to use for your small businesses. However, venmo only offers its services in the United States, and using Google Pay you can transfer money in the US, India, and Singapore. If you want to offer your business services only in the United States, then venmo is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want to expand your business globally in some other countries along with the U.S. then, you can use Google Pay. 


In the end, after comparing both apps Venmo vs Google Pay, the result is that both apps have different features as well as some common features.

These 2 apps are safe and secure for sending and receiving money and are good for your small business. However, when you use Google Pay for international transactions, you have to go through another app, while venmo just offers its services in the United States.


Q. Is there a downside to Google Pay?

Some bank accounts do not accept Google Pay to transfer money, so, before sending your amount make sure that your account is linked with the bank account. 

Q. Is there a fee for using Google Pay?

Google Pay itself does not charge any fee. But the other banks or networks that issued your payment card or when you use these cards for international transactions, then, they might charge some fees or additional charges. 

Q. Which payment app is the safest?

If I share my own experience and observation about which payment is more secure, then, it is not wrong to say that the PayPal app is one of the safest and secure ways to send money. Venmo is also owned by PayPal and has a lot of similar features to PayPal in it. 

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