ATM can I use for Venmo

What ATM can I use for Venmo card? Attention & Usage Manual

If you are looking for what ATM Can I use for Venmo card, then read this:

“ATM that has PULSE, Mastercard, MoneyPass, or Cirrus approval marks can withdraw your cash from a Venmo card. However, a $2.50 fee can apply to the ATM to get your money, but Mastercard ATMs withdraw your cash without any additional charges.”

Let’s discuss how you can withdraw money by using your Venmo card.

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Considerations before withdrawing money from an ATM

  • You can only withdraw money from a MoneyPass ATM without any additional charges.
  • Non-MoneyPass ATMs charge a $2.50 withdrawal fee.
  • The limit of venmo debit cards is $3000.
  • The daily withdrawal limit of a teen debit card is $400. 

How to withdraw money using a venmo debit card at an ATM?

Follow the steps that help you use a Venmo debit card at an ATM.

  • Put your card into the machine and enter your PIN.
  • Click on “Withdraw Cash.”
  • After that, choose an amount you want to withdraw.
  • If you don’t want a receipt, click on “No Receipt.”
  • Take your card out first, and then pick up your cash.

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How can you deposit money through an ATM?

Have a look at the process that will surely help you deposit money through an ATM.

  • Go to any of the nearby ATMs that support money deposits.
  • Insert your card into the ATM.
  • Enter your “4-Digit PIN.”
  • Here you can see some options. From these options, tap on “Despoit” and then click on “Currency.”
  • Insert cash or checks carefully into the machine. Don’t insert folded cash or checks.
  • Tap on “Confirm Deposit” and then click on “Saving.”
  • If you don’t want to take the receipt, tap “Yes” or “No.”
  • Lastly, take out your card from the ATM.

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Got Your Answer!

You can withdraw your money from ATMs all over the U.S. or in U.S. territories. However, keep in mind that you can only get your money from a MoneyPass ATM without additional charges. If you withdraw your money from any of the other ATMs, they will apply some additional fees. After reading the blog, I surely came to know all about what ATM Can I use for Venmo card.


Q. Can you use a venmo teen debit card at an ATM?

Yes, you can use a venmo teen debit card at an ATM that accepts Mastercard. 

Q. Can you get cash back on your venmo debit card purchase?

When making a venmo debit card purchase at no cost you can get cash back with a purchase. 

Q. Where can you use your venmo debit card?

You can use venmo mastercard everywhere in the United States and U.S. territories. 

Q. Can you withdraw money outside the U.S. with your venmo debit card?

No, you cannot withdraw money outside the U.S. by using your venmo debit card. 

Q. What ATM can I use for Venmo cards for free?

Wondering what ATM can I use for Venmo for free? MoneyPass ATMs are free for Venmo cards. You don’t need to pay any of the additional fees or charges to get your money.

Q. Can I use my Venmo card at any bank ATM?

You can withdraw your cash from the ATMs that display PULSE, Mastercard, and Cirrus acceptance marks.

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